We support entrepreneurs

Right from the start

You want to found a company and you are looking for contacts, a network with which you can develop your firm.
Those who start up business for themselves, create new jobs and ensure that the economy remains dynamic deserve every form of support. We advise entrepreneurs on the development of their business plan so that their business model is sound and convincing for investors or banks. Furthermore, we provide a great deal of information about funding programmes and legal questions.
After this, we become your business-to-business platform: Nobody knows as many businesses as we do, nobody can network them better.
Start-up help and business promotion mean even more: operating behind the scenes – in your interest. We work towards reducing taxation and charges which are burdening your enterprise. We take care that the competition between locations remains balanced.
We support entrepreneurs:
  • with business start-ups
  • by providing advice on financing possibilities and submitting our opinion
  • representing interests concerning taxation
  • as the representative of interests for servicing companies